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Bringing PBL to the classroom in more ways than one.

Professional development is defined as a process of gaining new knowledge and competencies after starting one’s career. Usually this looks like engaging in classes, workshops and industry conferences, or getting new certifications. Any step someone takes toward reaching their career goals is a form of professional development.

For educators, professional development is a critical, behind the scenes aspect of the education ecosystem. The effects of PD stem beyond simply increasing an educator’s skills – they directly impact the student experience.

ModSchool now offers professional development programs centered in the project-based learning (PBL) and social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum of our Marketplace courses. Our PD programs are highly accessible with virtual and hybrid options to ensure that all schools can access top-notch staff training.

Like our Marketplace courses, our PD curriculum utilizes a four module framework for PBL and a scope and sequence that aligns each module with the elements of Design Thinking, career readiness goals, and SEL skills. The primary difference between the two curricula is that the PD model focuses on the “how to” of facilitating and managing the curriculum, while the Marketplace curriculum targets the learner.

In our PD programs, teachers learn first-hand how to implement Dynamic Learning and PBL by participating in a series of workshops, followed by ongoing virtual support in the classroom. By offering a learn-by-doing approach to facilitation, rather than a stand-and-deliver format, the entire PD session serves as a model for the classroom experience and equips educators with best practices for classroom implementation.

To read more about our values and ModSchool’s history with bringing PBL to students through professional development, visit our about page.

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