Reinventing Education Through
Dynamic Project-Based Learning

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ModSchool’s mission is to empower students from all cultures and ethnicities to become bold, empathic and inventive leaders through the interdisciplinary reasoning and transformative power of hands-on, project-based learning.

One of the five principles of education is preparation for change. Project-based learning serves as our foundation to best cultivate these values.



It is currently estimated that 65% of the jobs the future will hold have not yet been invented. Our vision is to have adaptive, critical thinking students at the forefront of change for future generations.

As a result of their unique academic experience, ModSchool students will have necessary problem solving skills, as well as a strong social and emotional foundation to innovate and succeed.


What We Do


We mentor high school students through academically rigorous projects that develop social-emotional and career-readiness skills.

Credit Hours

Our projects satisfy credit hours for homeschool transcripts in a variety of subject areas.

Master Academic

Through our project-based curriculum, students master academic concepts across multiple subject areas and systematically apply social-emotional skills that foster personal growth

Gain Profesionnal

ModSchool students gain professional experience as they network within their communities to research and address problems, and showcase and promote their unique solutions.

Student Create Real

In response to real-world problems, our students create real deliverables that impact their communities and beyond to state, national and even global audiences.

Create Real Product

In place of writing essays and taking exams, our students create mobile applications, host community events and construct prototypes out of raw materials.

Academic, Personal, and
Professional Growth

Our students grow academically, personally and professionally as they transform their communities.

Fundamentals of ModSchool's

Dynamic Learning

Project-based Curriculum

Our academically rigorous curriculum guides students through four stages of project development and scaffolds interactions with mentors and community stakeholders, while fostering deep learning in the core subject areas.

Design Thinking

This framework for designing solutions to complex problems shifts the focus from preventing mistakes to pursuing excellence through a cycle of iterations and critical feedback that lead to high quality demonstrations of learning.

Social Emotional Learning

Our original tiered system for developing awareness of self and others, based in research and best practices, is integrated into our curriculum to ensure the growth of the whole student.

College and Career Readiness

Our systematic approach prepares students for post-secondary independence by placing them in authentic roles where they learn to network with community stakeholders, deliver professional level results, and advocate for themselves.

Our Team

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Dynamic learning is a pedagogical model where students master academic skills and generate deep understanding of academic concepts through collaboration and problem solving.

It is characterized by fluidity, innovation and transformation, and positions the learner as a contributing member of the broader community. ModSchool uses a project-based curriculum to cultivate a Dynamic Learning environment where our mentors and students creatively design solutions to real problems.

Design Thinking is a 21st century approach to problem solving through innovation. This revolutionary system originated in Stanford’s through the work of visionary, David Kelley. Design Thinking is widely used in the professional world to improve products and exceed client expectations.

The stages of Design Thinking (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) shape ModSchool’s mentoring system and ensure the mastery of academic skills in a real-world format.

No, ModSchool does not require standardized testing, as we believe student growth and mastery are holistically determined by parents and educators through authentic assessments.

ModSchool is tuition-based with tuition grants available based on family income.

We know that homeschooling experiences vary from family to family:

  1. ModSchool Marketplace consists of a-la-carte, professionally produced project-based learning courses for the asynchronous, virtual learner, with support from ModSchool’s learning community. Families are able to participate in cross-curricular projects of their choosing that generally take place over the course of 4 weeks. Here, parents are able to integrate ModSchool projects with the pre-existing curriculum they employ at home.
  2. ModSchool Cohorts offers a live schooling experience comparable to the traditional school day, with ample opportunities for collaborative learning and social and emotional learning. This is recommended for homeschoolers who benefit from a co-op setting and want to experience a one of a kind hybrid experience, with both virtual and in-person opportunities for learning and collaboration.
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