Reinventing Education Through
Dynamic Project-Based Learning

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What We Do

Credit Hours

Our projects build robust student portfolios and satisfy credit hours for homeschool transcripts and independent study in a variety of subject areas.

Master Academic

Through our project-based curriculum, students master academic concepts across multiple subject areas and systematically apply social-emotional skills that foster personal growth

Gain Professional

ModSchool students gain professional experience as they network within their communities to research and address problems, and showcase and promote their unique solutions.

Student Create Real

In response to real-world problems, our students create real deliverables that impact their communities and beyond to state, national and even global audiences.

Real Product

In place of writing essays and taking exams, our students create mobile applications, host community events and construct prototypes out of raw materials.

Academic, Personal, and
Professional Growth

Our students grow academically, personally and professionally as they transform their communities.

Teacher Professional Development

Please see the Professional Development page for our cutting-edge approach to preparing teachers for What’s Next in education.

ModSchool's Four Modules

ModSchool’s project-based curriculum delivers Dynamic Learning in four distinct, interrelated modules. Each module incorporates Design Thinking, social emotional development, and career readiness.

1. Inquire

Students take a deep dive into an essential question that probes a real world problem. They develop an understanding of the stakeholders and what stands to be lost or gained.

2. Explore

Students employ research methods to analyze the contributing factors and define the parameters of the problem at hand. With this knowledge, they ideate solutions and collaborate to narrow their focus.

3. Innovate

Students analyze professional examples to inform the design of their unique solution to the problem at hand. They create a prototype and gather feedback from peers and mentors to inform revision.

4. Transform

Students revise their prototype into a Final Product and showcase it to an authentic audience to test its success. They reflect upon their process and product by curating it in a portfolio.

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