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Learn by Doing

ModSchool uses a learn-by-doing approach in all of our PD workshops, so teachers gain valuable tools for planning and instruction that they can use immediately.

We offer virtual, hybrid and in-person training sessions.


Professional Development Categories

Authentic Learning for any classroom

Teachers learn the basics of planning for and delivering authentic learning in their classrooms. We prepare you to craft authentic assessments and provide qualitative feedback that will help your students grow. We emphasize Design Thinking as a pedagogical approach, and equip teachers with our project planning and lesson planning frameworks.

Technology and Innovation

Teachers learn how to maximize the impact of their school’s maker space, design digital portfolios for virtual and in-person student exhibitions, and how to leverage artificial intelligence and low-code platforms so students can design immersive games to demonstrate their learning.

See below for two examples of video game design for learning:

Social Emotional Learning and Behavioral Wellbeing

Teachers learn how to support and guide students as they navigate the CASEL five competencies of SEL. We help you integrate SEL into your existing curriculum in an authentic way, and we help you equip students with critical tools for self-reflection. We can also help you establish or finetune student leadership programs to promote schoolwide SEL.

Authentically Rigorous Academics

We help you leverage the power of performance tasks to ensure that students develop skills that carry over to other areas of life and learning. Our authentic learning frameworks elevate the honors and AP classroom to ensure deeply engaging student experiences that lead to high achievement.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Authentic Learning is a proven way to increase engagement, inspire all young people to strive for greatness, and hold space for authentic student voice about challenging societal topics. Let us show you how to use authentic learning to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of exceptional students, and to empower your students to find their voice.

Community Engagement

Our project-based curriculum prompts students to advocate for causes that matter to them, and to demonstrate their learning in a way that impacts their communities. Through our projects, students have promoted sustainability by selling upcycled wares at farmer’s markets, volunteered at homeless shelters, raised money to remove plastics from our oceans, and networked with local business owners to improve municipal solid waste practices.

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