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Design Thinking describes problem solving by prioritizing the consumer's needs above all else. It relies on observing, with empathy, how people interact with their environments, and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions.

ModSchool borrows the proven success of Design Thinking and applies it to Dynamic Learning in a hands-on, virtual environment. There are many well-researched benefits of interdisciplinary, authentic learning compared to more traditional pedagogical methods of separating subject areas such as math, writing, and more, such as increased motivation, engagement, and achievement.

Now more than ever, it is crucial that the current generation of students know how to synthesize and transfer knowledge of multiple disciplines in order to creatively solve complex problems. Our team of educators have designed a curriculum of rigorous and relevant projects that incorporate the sciences and humanities, while adapting to newly emerging technologies in virtual and hybrid education.



ModSchool’s project-based curriculum creates a Dynamic Learning environment by challenging students to solve a central, real-world problem through innovation as they master academic content across several core subject areas. Students demonstrate their learning by presenting and defending their projects to authentic audiences through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Students systematically develop social-emotional and entrepreneurial skills that prepare them for the demands of college and career. They collaborate with peers, mentors and community stakeholders to achieve project goals, create deliverables that impact their communities, and demonstrate the outcomes of their learning.

ModSchool's Four Modules

Four Modules of ModSchool’s project-based curriculum ModSchool’s project-based curriculum delivers Dynamic Learning in four distinct, interrelated modules. Each module incorporates elements of Design Thinking, social emotional development and career readiness goals.

1. Inquire

Students take a deep dive into an essential question that probes a real world problem. They develop an understanding of the stakeholders and what stands to be lost or gained.

2. Explore

Students employ research methods to analyze the contributing factors and define the parameters of the problem at hand. With this knowledge, they ideate solutions and collaborate to narrow their focus.

3. Innovate

Students analyze professional examples to inform the design of their unique solution to the problem at hand. They create a prototype and gather feedback from peers and mentors to inform revision.

4. Transform

Students revise their prototype into a Final Product and showcase it to an authentic audience to test its success. They reflect upon their process and product by curating it in a portfolio.


Qualitative Feedback

Our mentors use authentic assessments and holistic rubrics to provide qualitative feedback that helps students attain academic mastery.

Numerical or Letter Grade

Parents can use this feedback to assign numerical or letter grades on their student’s transcript.

Learning Program

Four Modules of ModSchool’s project-based curriculum ModSchool’s project-based curriculum delivers Dynamic Learning in four distinct, interrelated modules. Each module incorporates elements of Design Thinking, social emotional development and career readiness goals.


ModSchool Cohort is a live, synchronous experience for homeschooled students. Our cohorts are groups of 15 students, from grades 9-12. Students are led by Pennsylvania certified educators, or “Project Coaches,” who teach in virtual classrooms. Each cohort is led by either a STEM-centric Project Coach, or humanities centric Project Coach.


Collaboration is at the core of ModSchool’s unique approach to PBL and hands-on virtual learning. (insert information from curriculum clarification on frequency/duration of projects, cohort roles and rigidity of roles, etc.) Two cohorts work together as a Team that comprises all 30 students and Project Coaches. At ModSchool, we believe that the integration of academic disciplines are at the core of successful problem solving and education.

For Homeschooled Students

ModSchool Marketplace is your home for affordable and engaging asynchronous PBL courses for homeschooled students. Projects occur over the course of four weeks, where students have the option to focus on humanities and STEM centric methods, or combine skills for unique project opportunities.

Hybrid staff training in project-based learning theory and practice and Design Thinking, with integrated classroom support through all stages of project implementation.

Project-based learning workshops for at-risk and marginalized students with an emphasis on career readiness and social-emotional growth.

Modern Mentorship with ModSchool

State Qualifications

Our mentors are highly qualified teachers who hold appropriate state certifications and clearances. They personalize your child’s learning experience by tailoring project deliverables and content to their academic and personal needs. Our mentors are passionate educators who are rich with personal interests that complement their professional knowledge base.

Professional-Grade Video

ModSchool’s mentors interact with students regularly via professional grade video conferencing to guide learning and provide feedback.

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